Senna Tea


The wonderful Senna laxative herb is a natural remedy for constipation and is used as an adjunct for weight loss. Originally from Egypt, Senna Alexandrina promotes bowel movements by its ability to stimulate the colon and bowel wall.

Our Senna leaf tea is made from 100% pure leaf and stem from organic farms in a province in central-southern coastal Vietnam. It is grown and harvested by traditional farmers who have achieved VietGAP (Vietnam Good Agricultural Practice) accreditation. Ethically sourced, the Senna tea is dried and packaged in quality packing facilities, run by a well-respected and trusted scientific team who are dedicated to producing the highest quality traditional herbs.

Health Benefits

  • Laxative
  • Adjunct to weight loss

Extra Info

Senna leaf tea should be used in the recommended dosage. High doses may cause unwanted side effects including unexpected diarrhoea.

Senna laxative tea should be used “as needed” and certainly not be used continually for more than 2 weeks, as this may cause the bowel to stop functioning normally and cause a dependence on laxatives.

Medical advice should always be sought prior to consuming medicinal herbs and teas.