For centuries, Asian peoples have been using traditional medicines and herbs to treat and cure many ailments and illnesses. Coming originally from Vietnam, I used many of these medicines and herbs as a part of my normal daily diet and routine.

Then, a few years ago, I came across a range of herbs that had real and demonstrable positive effects on my own personal health. In short, they really worked, and I thought that I’d like to share these amazing herbs with Australians in my new home country.

I researched and studied many herbs and the sources of these herbs to find, not only the ones with the greatest efficacy but ones that are grown and processed to the highest food safety and other standards.

I came across a range of farms in Vietnam which, along with the processing facilities, complied with VIETGap, Vietnam’s government-regulated quality assurance program.

Finally, I’d found what I was looking for! Great herbs grown on great farms and processed to the highest standards.

These were herbs that were grown sustainably, where chemical and fertiliser use was closely monitored and importantly, where farmers and workers were not exploited and were looked after and treated well.

But that wasn’t all. In amongst my research, I went to scientific journals and studies to find other evidence that these herbs worked as well as I had experienced personally.

In the past decade or so, science has been able to identify the active constituents in traditional herbs examine their effects more thoroughly.

Not surprisingly, the science backs up what traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners have known for thousands of years.

Trusted ancient practitioners took a natural and holistic approach to preventive health and body healing, using more than 450 substances found in traditional medicines. The vast majority of these are derived from plant sources.

Heart and Mountain present to you some of the very best of these in the form of herbal teas. We’ve found beautiful farms and state-of-the-art processing facilities in Vietnam in our search to bring you the purest dried herbs.

Historically, Vietnam has rich tea traditions, we set the task to ourselves to promote teas of this exotic country worldwide. We put our best efforts to bring the enjoyable taste and health benefits of the Vietnamese herbal tea to your cup.

Our herbal teas are 100% loose leaf herbs, hand-picked and full of leaf so you get the best value for money.

We hope you enjoy our range of herbal teas. These will be the best you can find on the market today!

Theresa Phan